About Us

Builtrix is a software company that develops cloud-based IoT solutions for enterprises in commercial environments. We have expertise in collecting, monetizing and demonstrating energy data in a user-friendly interface. Our services include benchmark building energy performance, predict the consumption and cost, alert abnormal conditions and deliver actionable insights. Clients use our web platform to understand and reduce their energy consumptions by analyzing their energy data.
The company was born by its founders out of a passion to make energy data accessible and understandable for everyone.


An innovative leader in the Commercial Building market by providing Analytics & Monitoring Solutions.



Javad Hatami


CEO & Co-Founder

Javad is behind the overall strategy, product roadmap, sales & investor relationships (and he loves Tomatoes).


Mojtaba Kamarlouei


CTO & Co-Founder

Mojtaba is responsible for the technology road mapping, research, and operations.