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Mojtaba Kamarlouei & Mathias Abiteboul , 22 July 2022

3 min read

Do you know how to reduce energy costs at your office during hot summer days?

Let's face it ! We have a big Problem .
The price of electricity and gas are skyrocketing and almost everywhere in the EU, we have very hot summers. So how do you manage your energy bills?
If you are working in an office or shared work space, or you manage such a building, we are going to share with you several tips and tricks on how to save electrical energy in your building during hot summer days that could save you thousands of Euros.

Figure 1. Europe is facing with extreme heat waves during summer 2022, with the highest records of the last two decades [1].

Before talking about the energy saving hints, the first step to saving energy is you should know how, when and where you consume energy! In other words, your decision should be data-driven. Collect as much data as you can from various resources such as weather forecast websites, your building equipment, talking with occupants, energy monitoring or management systems and energy bills. Empower yourself to be able to forecast energy intensive events before they happen and prepare yourself and your building to handle them.


[1] Available online at [], accessed in 16th of July 2022.