Why Builtrix?

Builtrix Energy intelligence platform


Data Type

Electricity, Gas, Heating & Cooling, Indoor climate, Weather, Solar panel production, and Business data; with Builtrix data ingestion solution, all of your buildings’ consumption and production data are easily-collected, unified and organized.


Data Source

  • Either you have a smart meter, sub-metering system, other sensors or building management solution; our data pipeline can automatically collect your data.
  • We have partnered with +300 DSOs (Distribution System Operators), utility and energy companies in Europe to easily collect and process your smart meter data.

Insight & Recommendation

  • We developed proprietary algorithms that understand your energy data and designed to automatically find inefficiencies, abnormalities, and energy-saving opportunities in your building portfolio.
  • Our Machine Learning algorithms dynamically learns your building's energy consumption behavior and provide actionable insights & recommendations to save your time and cost.


  • Start small and go BIG!
  • Scalability is designed from day one. You can start in small scale, test it, customize it and easily scale it to all of your building portfolio, anywhere in the world.

Remote Deployment

Our technology does not require any hardware installation.



We use enterprise-grade security systems and policies that ensure your data is secure and safe.



Privacy is at the heart of Builtrix's solution. Our solution is complying with EU and regional data privacy regulation ensuring that sensitive & personal data are properly collected, stored, and documented.