METRIC is an energy benchmarking service that compares buildings with other similar buildings, national and international standards using only electricity bills. It allows you to set and track progress toward achieving sustainability & operation goals.

The success of every energy improvement needs regular benchmarking and asses of energy performance. But this process is hard, time-consuming and complicated. Say goodbye to spreadsheets, paperwork, and inefficiencies.
METRIC service helps you to save your time and save energy on your property by automating bill audits and verification.

Upload your bills and receive your building data

Work smarter and save more with METRIC service

  • Automated bill and tariff analysis
  • Measurement and verification
  • Greenhouse gas tracking and reporting
  • Intuitive and friendly dashboard
  • Weather-normalized estimation
  • Future cost prediction
  • Customized Recommendation and Goal Setting
  • Energy Benchmarking

How does it work?

After creating an account, users enter data about their buildings and upload their previous 6 months of energy bills. They can benchmark building energy performance, assess energy management goals over time, and identify opportunities for savings and recognition opportunities. For benchmarking performance against a baseline, you can view percent improvement in weather normalized source energy.

Upload bills Builtrix cloud analyze Data


LENS is an online monitoring service through the integration of smart meters. Customers could monitor and track their energy consumption and access to analytics about their building consumption via the Builtrix dashboard.

Get started by our integrated electricity metering system. Save time and money by using our online monitoring service through the integration of electricity meters.

Realtime monitoring with smart meter data
  • Interval data analysis
  • Energy pattern recognition
  • Cross-sectional Energy Benchmarking
  • Automated Saving Strategy Plan
  • Data clustering and cost prediction
  • Greenhouse gas tracking and reporting
  • Intuitive and friendly dashboard
  • API-based system integration
  • Weather-normalized estimation
  • Real-time consumption
  • Abnormality detection

How does it work?

Realtime data analysis with smart meter