Builtrix is a web-based energy tracking, analyzing and benchmarking platform designed for commercial buildings. It helps you track and assess energy consumption within individual buildings as well as across your entire building portfolio.

Energy Benchmarking

Energy Benchmarking

Energy benchmarking is a standardized process of measuring building energy efficiency. Benchmarking helps building owners identify cost-effective energy upgrades, realize the energy and cost savings benefits from those upgrades, document the savings achieved, and communicate these accomplishments to stakeholders. We provide Building Efficiency (BE) score that compares & ranks the buildings to other similar buildings in the region.

  • Compare energy performance to baselines.
  • Compare performance against established targets for:
    • environmental performance
    • financial savings
  • Compare energy performance similar buildings to establish a relative understanding of where your performance ranks.

Energy Data Analysis

We use artificial intelligence to predict the future energy costs. Our machine learning algorithm uses the historical data combined with benchmarking information to predict the energy cost. This information is helpful to understand your annual energy consumption and cost and to have a financial plan about your future energy usage.


Cost Prediction

Our advanced energy analytics use KPIs to provide actionable insights. Trend analysis combines raw data against expected patterns and notifies you about any abnormal energy usage. These Smart Alerts save you time and money.


We suggest an action plan to improve energy efficiency in your buildings. Our easy simple approach can help you do more with your limited resources. Our smart recommendations help you to set and prioritize achievable energy efficiency goals.


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