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Builtrix Helps Organization to Understand and Reduce Energy Consumption by Analyzing Their Energy Data.

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METRIC is an energy benchmarking service that compares buildings with other similar buildings, national and international standards using only electricity bills. It allows to set and track progress toward achieving sustainability & operation goals.


LENS is an online monitoring service through the integration of smart meters. Customers could monitor and track their energy consumption and access to analytics about their building consumption via Builtrix dashboard.

How it Works?


1 Create Your Building Profile

you need to create profile of your buildings in few, easy steps.

2 Set Target, Implement and Track Your Progress

Performance goals drive energy management activities. You can set targets using our benchmarking tools.


3 Analyze and Asses your Performance

Understanding energy patterns & trends is the key to identify opportunities to improve energy performance and gain financial benefits.

What We Do?

The success of every energy improvement needs regular benchmarking and asses of energy performance. But, this process is hard, time consuming and complicated.

We make this process easy by providing full view, 360° visibility, on Energy consumption in Commercial building.

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