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15 November 2021

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Builtrix and COOP plan to launch a PoC that can benchmark and detect energy deviations in COOP retail stores.

Portugalโ€™s fast-growing provider of data-driven energy intelligence solutions, Builtrix, planned to launch a PoC with COOP genossenschaft to help COOP achieve energy efficiency and decarbonization goals.

COOP is one of Switzerland's largest retail and wholesale companies. Having more than 1000 retail shops, COOP consumed more than 2.6 Megawatt-hour of energy in its retail and wholesale/production units and subdivisions in 2020. COOP set the goal of being completely CO2-neutral by 2023 back in 2008. To reduce CO2 emissions, COOP is continually cutting back energy consumption, being more energy-efficient, and relying on renewable energy sources. The company found that energy optimization is an important part of cost-saving and achieving a low to zero-carbon future. Therefore, COOP uses an extended network of IoT and submetering systems to collect energy consumption data in stores. Builtrix data-driven solution is a plug-n-play analytics tool that helps customers to understand where, when and how energy is consumed in their properties using the energy consumption data collected by IoT devices and smart meters. The aim of the PoC is to find the deviations and abnormalities in the COOP store and find load balancing strategies to avoid intensive loads during peak times. This will be achieved through visualization, benchmarking, and anomaly detection module of Builtrix energy intelligence platform which uses real-time consumption data collected by COOPโ€™s extended submetering network.

โ€œBuiltrix's mission is to help energy experts to uncover abnormalities and energy-saving opportunities in their buildings. Builtrix energy intelligence solution is used by several companies & organizations in Portugal and Italy. We are very excited to expand our solution to retail space in Switzerland and help them to be more energy-efficient and carbon-neutral. Companies such as COOP with more than 1000 stores and huge energy demand play an important role in the transition to a carbon-neutral economy and we are very proud to provide them an enabling solution to accelerate this transition.โ€ says Javad Hatami, CEO and Co-founder of Builtrix.

About Builtrix

Builtrix is a fast-growing provider of data-driven energy intelligence solutions for energy experts, consultants, and facility managers. Builtrix has a cloud-based solution that combines big data analytics and artificial intelligence with energy efficiency. Its' SaaS solution enables facility and property managers, energy services providers and consultants to understand the energy consumption, analyze usage patterns as well as inefficiencies, and detect anomalies in real-time. Its energy Intelligence solution supports companies to achieve their energy efficiency and decarbonization goals. For more information, please visit Builtrix website

About COOP

COOP is one of Switzerland's largest retail and wholesale companies. Employing approximately 91 000 people, the Coop Group generated total sales of CHF 30.2 billion in 2020. The Coop Group has two main areas of business: Retail and Wholesale / Production. In the retail sector, Coop operates exclusively in Switzerland. In the Wholesale/Production business area, the Group is active throughout Europe. For more information, please visit COOP website .


Name: Javad Hatami